iMetal Resources Inc. (IMR)

The IMR 105 sq km gold/copper/cobalt  Gowganda West property is outlined below in blue on this MNDM claim map . It is about 70 km sw of Kirkland Lake, in a relatively underexplored area. it is adjacent to Tahoe's 4 m oz Juby gold deposit.

Currently ESSCO has identified and mapped  a drill-ready Stargate II  'criteria-meeting'  target for this property. A proposal to provide this data has been presented to the company. Currently, IMR management has declined the terms proposed.  

Below is the company's Geology and claimblock outline map.

Tahoe acquired the Juby property as part of the Lakeshore Mines purchase. It's low-grade resource is probably not a high priority for the company at this time.  But a 4m oz. gold deposit next door makes the IMR property  a good candidate for the Stargate II structural modelling system. Stay tuned..